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Zitro: Combining science and art to achieve gaming synergy



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As the varied sectors of the global gaming industry prepare to meet at this year’s ICE London, the world leading developer, Zitro Gaming highlights the importance of creative content experiences and teamwork regardless of whether its for land-based, online or social verticals. Talking ahead of the company’s showcase on Stand: N6-160 in London, Johnny Ortiz, founder of Zitro, explores the relationship between technology and ideas, the power of passion and why being one big family continues to drive Zitro’s success…

Zitro is a long term supporter of ICE London – how do you use the event to gain maximum benefit and what products are you bringing to the show?
Without a doubt ICE London is one of the most important events in our industry, and for us in particular, to show our current and future customers our full range of proven products as well as brand new releases. Visitors can see first-hand how well designed and executed our offering is and how it stands out compared to our competition, even to the most established suppliers. ICE also allows us to reiterate to the industry a compromise of delivering first-class service, adapted to our constant growing offering.

You have interests in both land-based and online – do you have separate creative teams for each sector or do they overlap and share ideas?
At Zitro we create gaming experiences. We then distribute the content through the various possible channels to reach the maximum amount of players, whether it’s land-based, online or social – the essence is the same, we just need to make the necessary adjustment required for each channel. For example, the gamification varies between social and land-based and we have people who create the experiences and then we have experts that adapt them to the channels. I don’t like to talk about different creative teams, as we are all one team. Zitro is one big family and we are all in the same boat rowing towards the same objective of becoming a global gaming leader.

How do you recruit the right talent to the various teams and where do you recruit from?
Despite the technical capacities of the personnel we recruit, we like to identify if a future employee shares our core values: Passion, Compromise, Team Spirit, Quality and Innovation. If a person has these values in their DNA, his or her adaptation to our organization will be much easier. In terms of how and where we recruit, it obviously depends on the country and the position we are trying to cover. Our experienced HR team figures out the best solution based on each vacancy we want to fill.

Can you describe a ‘normal’ day for the people working at Zitro?
The international growth means each and every one of us wakes up in the morning knowing about the progress that our colleagues have made on the other side of the oceans, allowing us to prioritize better and help each other. It provides true satisfaction to see how teamwork and compromise helped us to accomplish, in just a few years, what other companies took decades.

What’s more important technology or ideas?
This is a very interesting question, although not easy to respond to. A gaming experience is created based on science and art. Two components that can’t work without each other. Now, if you want to measure for every single game which one is more important, that is where it becomes very tricky. Experiences are based on emotional connections to human beings and this is where the limits between science and art become blurry. Now clearly, between ideas and technology one can’t work without the other, you first need an idea… without that, even the best technology can’t help. However, if you have a good idea and combine it with cutting edge technology, this is when you convert them into something great and this is where we put our focus at Zitro.

On a personal level where do you get your inspiration from – which personalities outside of the gaming sector would you describe as being inspirational and why?
During my career I had the privilege to get to know a lot of people that have inspired me along my journey, and who have motivated me in a way or another, but aren’t necessarily famous. To name a person that everybody can refer to due to his popularity worldwide and who has deeply affected me as a business person, I would name Steve Jobs. Two of our core values are also values that have marked his life: Passion and Innovation. His story is truly amazing, the way that he believed in and pushed innovation, even when others would call him crazy, has taken his companies to incredible levels of success. However, everything he has done, the things which went extremely well, as well as the ones that didn’t as much, he did with passion. He truly believed and felt the things he was doing and has fought for them, even when things were extremely complicated. I believe his passion acted as the engine of his success and is the real reason for it. I relate to him in this sense very much.

How has the industry changed over the years – are their fewer big personalities?  Is it more or less entrepreneurial in its outlook?
The leading suppliers of this industry have changed during the last decades, however we can identify a pattern that repeats itself: a dynamic company with solid leadership can be very successful until it is absorbed by a big corporation, as this is when the company’s culture and leadership gets diluted. At Zitro our challenge is to maintain a firm and clearly defined path, with a solid leadership that allows us to keep growing without the distortion that a lot of companies, victims of a consolidation, are suffering.

The gaming industry is the second fastest adopter of new technology, how do you keep ahead of the curve in terms of the advances that are being made and that are available?
As a manufacturer it is part of our obligation to be always on top of the latest and identify the best to make our products stand out from the rest. That includes technology of course. Nothing however can replace the science or the art I mentioned earlier to create a great game. However, a great game can be an extraordinary experience thanks to the technology we have available nowadays.

Would you say that delivering choice and variety represent the cornerstones of your game development strategy and if so what are the key demographics that you design for?
Offering a variety of options provides our customers the certainty that his or her investment is secure. But more than the variety, what really matters is the quality and if the products and that the content is adapted to the end user, or player, if you will. For example, whether it’s a product for a local player or for casinos with a higher component of occasional visitors.

How difficult is it to engage with Generation Z?  
The casinos face the challenge of being accepted by Generation Z as an attractive option for entertainment and not to be considered only a place for mature people. We as manufacturers have the obligation to help the casinos during this transformation by designing products that connect emotionally with the younger generations. At Zitro this is something that we always have in mind when creating products.

You put a lot of emphasis on customer service and attention – how does a growing international company deliver this on a consistent basis?
For an international company to be successful it needs to work as a local company in each country where it is present. This doesn’t mean necessarily that a physical office is needed in each country, but that you connect on a cultural level with your customers and speak their language. In addition, putting the necessary technical and human resource available to be able to attend the needs of the customers.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Zitro: Combining science and art to achieve gaming synergy

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NSoft`s Next Six enhances Balkan Bet’s Mobile app




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Serbian Balkan Bet has extended the existing offer of virtual draw-based games. The players using Balkan Bet´s mobile app are now able to enjoy in Next Six.

Next Six enables players to bet which numbers will be drawn from the drum throughout the whole round providing the game with the characteristics of live betting – what makes it even more entertaining to the players. In combination with the channel of release – a Mobile app for Android – Next Six brings the joy of game and thrill of winning to the players. The players have a betshop in the palm of their hand.

“Balkan Bet and NSoft have long-lasting and successful cooperation behind numerous implemented products and projects. They have been using almost full NSoft’s product portfolio palette which includes omnichannel solutions for Sportsbook – In Play and Pre-Match betting together with Virtual Draw-based Games and Virtual Race Games. Balkan Bet was actually one of the first betting companies to introduce NSoft’s Mobile App Solution and offer it to its players. They constantly tend to enrich the offer with new features and products which keeps them way ahead of the competition raising the player hospitality and providing an advanced player experience. Working with Balkan Bet provides NSoft with a powerful platform to showcase its products to the end users and the mutual cooperation based on trust provides us with valuable market feedback.“ commented Dalibor Ostojić, Regional Sales Manager.

Draw-based games have made a long journey from manual to its virtual version. The virtualization has boosted this type of game in sense of speed and visual presentation making it become an essential type of game for every betting company.

Find out more on NSoft´s offer – book a meeting with NSoft´s Sales team or contact us directly at

About NSoft:

NSoft is an award – winning internationally recognized software solutions provider for the gaming and betting industry. The company has more than 200 employees and 100 companies as its customers, operating in 35 countries. Its product portfolio includes turnkey solution for managing betting business, retail and omni-channel solutions, virtual sports betting, sportsbook and draw based games.

Our unique approach to customers and creative software solutions positioned us as one of the top providers of innovative products for the gaming industry. We understand that strong and long-term partnerships are essential for further development, so we joined forces with the world’s leading sport data provider – Sportradar.

It is NSoft’s mission to provide betshop owners with powerful and visually appealing platform, amazing virtual games, and data-packed sportsbook, and help them grow their business.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: NSoft`s Next Six enhances Balkan Bet’s Mobile app

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NSoft announced as GENERAL SPONSOR at MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit 2019




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MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, also known as the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Summit and Awards is the leading conference in the Baltic and Scandinavian region gathering region oriented operators, software providers, and industry regulators for a full day of learning and networking.

We are excited to announce that NSoft will join the sponsors’ list as General Sponsor.

NSoft is an award-winning internationally recognized software solutions provider for the gaming and betting industry. Its product portfolio includes a turnkey solution for managing betting business, retail and omni-channel solutions, Virtual sports bettingSportsbook and Draw based games.

Do not miss the chance to meet Mr. Omerspahic during the conference or if you need more information about NSoft, contact us at or

MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit will take place on the 9th of May at Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel and the agenda includes compliance panel discussions about the state of the gambling industry in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, presented by local regulators Lolita Sumskaite (Head of Unit at Ministry of Finance, Lithuania), Signe Birne (Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of the Republic of Latvia) and Taivo Põrk (Ministry of Finance, Estonia).

Among the compliance panel discussion, the agenda also includes a special IMGL MasterClass™ which is titled as “It’s Hot in the Nordics: IMGL Mega-Panel” and will stress on regulatory Trends, IP blocking and payment blocking in Scandinavia. Among experts of the MasterClass, you will also find the Danish regulator, Birgitte Sand (Director of the Danish Gambling Authority), Rolf Sims (Public Affairs Manager for Kindred Group in Norway and Board Chairman of the newly formed Norwegian Trade Association for Online Gambling Companies) and Gustaf Hoffstedt (General Secretary at the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling).

Tech and industry hot topics related talks include panel discussions about the future of the gambling industry, the innovations and use of CRM systems, the use of AI in the gambling industry, outsourcing, safe gambling, and the latest about AML/KYC.

Those interested in the D A CH region, will not be disappointed as the agenda once again features a compliance panel discussion about the German language speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, under the expert guidance of Dr. Joerg Hofmann (Partner at MELCHERS LAW).

You can Register here or View the Agenda for more details and speakers!

In 2019, the conference will include the inaugural Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards which will recognize the top 21 companies in their respective categories for their hard work and commitment in the region. You can find more details about the shortlist and how you can take part in deciding the winners on the following page.

Browse the official event website here:

Make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity of learning and networking with the gambling industry in the Baltic and Scandinavian region via the MARE BALTICUM Gaming platform which has been launched in 2018 and is committed to bringing together industry shareholders and government officials from the Baltic and Scandinavian region on a yearly base.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: NSoft announced as GENERAL SPONSOR at MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit 2019

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Leaders Group, a new operating company which will bring Advance’s B2B sports, esports and gaming businesses under one umbrella




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Advance Announces Formation of Leaders Group, a Global B2B Sports, Esports and Gaming Intelligence Platform and Appoints Warren S. Thune as CEO

Advance and its subsidiary, American City Business Journals, today announce the formation of Leaders Group, a new operating company which will bring Advance’s B2B sports, esports and gaming businesses under one umbrella, and the appointment of Warren S. Thune as Leaders Group CEO.

Leaders Group will build on the strong foundation that Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily have built over the last 20+ years as the authoritative voice in the business of sports. The group will also include Leaders, The Esports Observer and Newzoo. These trusted brands will continue to be led by their talented management teams, but will now work collaboratively to enhance and accelerate product development, provide superior access to their collective global data assets, and build and capitalize on an increasingly connected global professional network to better serve professionals in the sports and entertainment industries.

Mr. Thune joins from Gartner and CEB where he spent fourteen years in a series of executive roles culminating in serving as Group President, SaaS and Technology Enabled Services. Prior to Gartner, he was a Senior Partner at Oliver Wyman. Mr. Thune holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

The addition of Mr. Thune and his business building experience will elevate the value proposition offered to Leaders Group’s customers through the enhancement of the group’s product and service offering, which includes:

  • Market Intelligence and Analytics – Critical and timely global data and intelligence needed to support daily business decisions.
  • Networks – Access and connectivity to globally relevant networks, such as league operators, team owners, facility operators, vendors, brands and merchants to facilitate knowledge sharing, best practices, commerce and opportunities across the global sports, technology, media and entertainment ecosystem.
  • Events – High value events with local to global perspectives through data-driven content and access to relevant industry thought leaders, practitioners and investors.
  • Media – Delivery of real-time news, insights and analysis from industry and functional experts.        

Whitney Shaw, CEO of American City Business Journals and Co-Founder of Sports Business Journal, will become Chairman of the newly established Leaders Group board of directors to which Mr. Thune will report.  Mr. Shaw said: “Warren is a talented executive with a strong track record of building high performing teams and businesses. The business models Warren has executed throughout his impressive career, his ability to manage a global organization and his experience implementing acquisition strategies make him the ideal individual for the role. By combining our media, events and analytics holdings under a single corporate entity, we will be able to more effectively serve a customer base that is increasingly trying to understand how to best operate in a more technologically connected sports and entertainment ecosystem.”

Janine Shelffo, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Advance, stated, “The business of sports, esports and gaming is a multi-billion-dollar global business with significant unmet demand for more timely data and information and better intelligence to help participants optimize their businesses. We are enthusiastic about working with Warren and the Leaders Group team to seek additional investment and acquisition opportunities to create the most compelling and highest quality insights for clients in the industry.”

Warren S. Thune commented: “I am thrilled to be joining Leaders Group. This is an exciting opportunity to further enhance these industry leading companies and elevate our platform into the premier intelligence provider for global sports, esports and gaming professionals. I look forward to working with each of the Leaders Group businesses and their leadership teams to execute this vision.”

About Advance

Advance is a private, family-owned company that operates and invests in a broad range of media, communications and technology businesses globally.  The Advance family of companies includes Condé Nast, Advance Local, American City Business Journals, Leaders Group, 1010data, POP, Stage Entertainment and, upon the expected completion of its acquisition in Q2, Turnitin. Advance is also among the largest shareholders in Discovery, Charter Communications and Reddit. For further information, please visit

SOURCE Advance

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Leaders Group, a new operating company which will bring Advance’s B2B sports, esports and gaming businesses under one umbrella

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