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Competition Interactive Is Off To The Races As It Reveals Reimagined “Running Rich Racing” At G2E



Competition Interactive Is Off To The Races As It Reveals Reimagined "Running Rich Racing" At G2EReading Time: 3 minutes

BMM Testlabs Certifies Skill-Based Casino Game to Globally Recognized Testing Standards
The Las Vegas Gaming Manufacturer Also To Debut New Skill Based & Slot Games With Never Before Seen Bonus Games


Competition Interactive will be a key player in the realm of skill based gaming at this year’s Global Gaming Expo, G2E, October 9-11, at the Sands Expo Center.  The gaming manufacturer and distributor is showcasing its expanded portfolio of Skill Based Games and Slot Machines with innovative Bonus Games, which are far different than any others in the casino industry.  Its premier game, Running Rich Racing, was just BMM Testlabs certified after a successful six month period at three prestigious Las Vegas casinos.  The Competition Interactive team is excited to debut the reimagined Running Rich Racing-a multi-player kart-racing experience where players battle for cash on different race tracks based on modern spins of classic fairytales.  The skill/chance hybrid game is now even more intuitive and fun to play and win, after the team listened to player feedback, during the time period, and incorporated recommendations to further enhance the player experience.  The game’s innovative driving cabinet design features an attachable rear kiosk that houses the BMM certified game Running Rich REELS.  An adaptation of the successful Running Rich Racing, “REELS” players spin a 5×3 reel matching power up symbols, characters and cars with exciting bonus games including a never before seen drag race.

The company’s newest products include the Star Striker series of games.  Star Striker NEON is a fast paced, single-player, space shoot’em-up set deep in space.  Players wager on various levels in 4 different stages, battling enemy alien ships and clearing a level for a Payday bonus.  Through the use of wagered power ups, like multi-shot and shield, the player fights through to The Boss for the ultimate Payday.  As the grandchild of the classic arcade game Galaga, Star Striker NEON is played on a standup casino cabinet with classic arcade buttons and a joystick.

Set in the same, universe, Star Striker RACING is the future of casino/arcade multi-player racing games.  Players must try to complete 1 lap around Titan in the year 2040, racing against all vehicles and other casino players as they hit boost pads, avoid obstacles and collect Boost Orbs for added speed and added payback multipliers.

Competition Interactive is the innovative marketing leader in skill based gaming.  The games are social, competitive, skill-based, fun, and the remarkable game design and art, created by Inviro Studios, is of AAA studio quality.  Headquartered in Steelman Partners offices in Las Vegas, the gaming company was born from the love of video game technology and the passion of evolving the casino gaming experience. With leading gaming architect and innovator Paul Steelman at the helm along with Keith Winters, a veteran of digital media and animation, and Roger Hawkins, a 20 year veteran of the casino industry, the team is comprised of gamers, designers, artists, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.   Together this finely tuned group is breaking new ground by bringing art and science into the world of casino gaming.

“This industry began here on the desert sands of Las Vegas and then became successful all over the world due to constantly creating new and memorable entertainment experiences,” said Paul Steelman, CEO of Competition Interactive. “I founded Competition Interactive to create new casino games that will revolutionize the casino floor by creating environments for skill based games where competition is not only between the player and the house.”

 “We are bringing the ARCADE to the gaming floor,” said Keith Winters, Chief Creative Executive at Competition Interactive. “Every time you enter these distinctive spaces and start playing Running Rich Racing and the Star Striker games, it will be a new & unique experience that players and spectators can enjoy.  Players can win these races based on skill and they can win based on chance, which allows anyone to be able to play and win.”

G2E attendees will be among the first in the public to play the racing games and experience the adrenaline rush at Booth 5229!



Competition Interactive is an innovative new gaming studio that is changing the world of casino gaming one experience at a time.  We are bringing the familiarity of playing Arcade and Console Style Video Games to the exciting environment of the casino floor. Our casino games are interactive skilled-based games that allow customers to compete against one another as well as the “house” in a multiplayer environment.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Competition Interactive was born from the love of game design and the passion of evolving the casino gaming experience. Our team of gamers, designers, artists, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs bring years of gaming experience to the company. Competition Interactive is laying our stake in “Changing the Game” and striving to modernize the industry.


Source: Competition Interactive

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media

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Ferrari to Set Up Their Own Esports F1 Team




Ferrari to Set Up Their Own Esports F1 TeamReading Time: 1 minute


Ferrari is going to set up their own Esports Formula 1 team.

“Esports is increasing in terms of interest and certainly as Ferrari we are looking seriously into it. We are not yet fully committed to the programme but it’s something where the discussions are ongoing. We will, very soon, make our own decision,” team principal Mattia Binotto said.

F1 Esports series was launched in 2017, which include all nine teams except Ferrari. The 2019 edition of F1 Esports series is having a total prize fund of $500,000.

F1’s Esports series includes a qualifying stage which allows the F1 teams to select their drivers for the Pro Series. Once the drivers have been picked, the Pro Series will take place between September and December across four live events.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Ferrari to Set Up Their Own Esports F1 Team

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9stacks Launches Pokerface With Gopal Datt: India’s First Poker Chat Show




9stacks Launches Pokerface With Gopal Datt: India's First Poker Chat ShowReading Time: 2 minutes


Pokerface with Gopal Datt is a first-of-its-kind poker chat show which celebrates the lives and stories of poker players. This first episode can be watched on the 9stacks YouTube Channel here. Episode 2 of the series was released on Friday, 17th May 2019, on the 9stacks YouTube channel. The episode that has Datt interview poker heavyweight Deepak Bothraand TVF Bachelors fame Badri Chavan, can be watched here.

The twist is that each episode features one actor/celebrity and one poker player, and gets both to spill the beans about their journey to fame and fortune. In a fun way, this draws parallels between the featured celebrities and poker players and celebrates the achievements of both guests.

The first episode of the show, hosted by Gopal Datt (the Internet’s very own funny man), features Amol Parashar, of TVF Tripling fame, and one of India’s top poker players Nishant Sharma. Last year Nishant won the highest ever prize money by an Indian poker player at the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.

Nishant, along with fellow poker pro Vivek Rughani, was part of the 9stacks Team India at the World Series of Poker and they became the first two Indians to enter the top 100 in the prestigious WSOP Main Event. Read the article here.

In the episode, Nishant speaks candidly about achieving his poker dreams and how he became a ‘Hero’ for other players in the industry. Many players now come to him for advice on their gameplay and some even ask him for selfies. His ‘Bina Darre’ playing style has won many hearts.

Nishant is accompanied by the celebrated actor Amol Parashar, who is also an avid poker player himself. An IIT Delhi alumnus, Amol was always into acting and was very interested in theatre. Amol recalled how his poker skills helped him sniff out a bluff early in his career: “Once I was offered a film with big casts like Mr. Amitabh Bachhan, Naseeruddin ShahSharman Joshi. Since I was new in the industry, I was asked to attend the workshop for the same where I was asked to pay Rs. 15,000 as room rent. I couldnt help but smell a bluff there. I mean, after all, if they were such a big film company, they surely wouldn’t ask me to pay Rs. 15,000 to book a room to rehearse in, right?”

Many more revelations came in the rapid fire segment of the show where the answers were ‘rapid and full of fire’. Unlike Koffee with Karan, the guests here got a lot of love instead of hampers!


Source: 9stacks


About 9stacks:

9stacks is India’s fastest growing online poker platform which provides a fun gaming experience with its easy-to-use interface, fastest withdrawals, attractive promotions and leaderboard prizes.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: 9stacks Launches Pokerface With Gopal Datt: India’s First Poker Chat Show

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Online Punters Having Issues Trusting UK Gambling Sites




Online Punters Having Issues Trusting UK Gambling SitesReading Time: 2 minutes


According to the UK Gambling Commission and YouGov, an independent data and public opinion company, most players in the UK don’t trust online casinos.

There have been several surveys held and published by these two authorities. Despite a different scale, period, and groups of respondents, the results were strikingly similar.

One of the surveys only questioned over a thousand of gamblers in the UK while another one included many more. One of them only included gamblers while the other one wasn’t limited to gamblers only.

Regardless of these differences, both surveys concluded that:

  • Around 70% of gamblers don’t trust the UK’s casino operators

According to the official data, this percentage has dropped by roughly 20% since 2011. That’s certainly alarming for the online gambling industry, especially since so many measures are taken to ensure the player’s safety.

However, it’s the industry’s and, most importantly, its regulators’ own fault. They have been trying to raise awareness regarding rogue casinos, problem gambling and similar casino-related issues in the past.

It seems that with such a decline in casino users’ trust, they’ve been very successful. In a way, this is a good thing too. After all, self-aware gamblers are less likely to suffer from irresponsible gambling outlets.

Punters Don’t Trust Online Casinos

YouGov explored this issue further with more specific questions such as:

  1. Do you support the decrease of a maximum stake at FOBTs from £100 to £2?
  2. How serious are gambling companies when they say they want their players to gamble responsibly?
  3. Do you support prepositions to limit the spending, stakes and speed one can gamble at online casinos?

All three questions revealed that gamblers in the United Kingdom are mostly for further restrictions. This implies that they don’t trust the operators and sites where they place their wagers.

Public Opinion in Numbers

For example, only 9% of people oppose the reduction of a maximum stake at physical betting terminals at bookies. Similarly, only 19% oppose suggestions to add similar limits to online casinos too.

More than 80% and 74% respectively agree with the tightening of gambling options both online and offline.

When it comes to trust related to responsible gambling promotion by the gambling sites, the situation is very similar. 71% think that casinos aren’t serious when they’re promoting responsible gambling.

Likewise, only 26%, or one in four, believe such communications of online casinos are truthful.

Why Is There So Little Trust?

Many stories of gamblers suffering from mobile casinos and their addictions have surfaced in recent months. This includes the ineffectiveness of GAMSTOP and similar problem gambling organizations.

Another example (more than one, in fact) is of casino operators that send self-excluded players promotions and personal offers to make them play casino games again.

Such examples have naturally diminished the public opinion of gambling firms and the industry as a whole. The watchdogs still struggle to protect certain gamblers in some respects, so people generalize this news.

Combined with a gambling stigma and the myths of rogue casinos, like outlined on the blog of GoWin, it’s no surprise that there’s little trust in the casino industry online.

Luckily, the situation is slowly improving thanks to frequent discussions and problem solving efforts. So, this decline in the trust of UK online casinos can’t last forever.

Source: Latest News at European Gaming Media
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Online Punters Having Issues Trusting UK Gambling Sites

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